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‘You is kind. You is smart. You is important’

The title for this post was inspired as I watched the movie ‘The Help’ this afternoon….Funnily enough I was never quite sure how I would react to the movie initially, but as I started watching it, I realized what in inspiration the women that were portrayed are to us……eventually at the end – I was in tears.

It is just 9 simple words…..3 sentences, but they are words that will forever be etched in memory because the words that Aibileen spoke to Mae Mobley simply radiates the love she had for her regardless of the color barrier that existed at the time.

Today, decades later it is still sad to see that racism exists, that color is still a barrier in some countries….that people still look down on you based on color, whereas they fail to understand that regardless of our skin color we are all composed of the same things ~ it is still blood that runs through all of our veins.

These 9 simple words can build up a life….Build up the character of a little one….they are 9 words that each of us should carry with us wherever we go.

Today I was truly inspired by the words of Aibileen Clark ~ These are words that I will never forget ♥

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Welcome to my world!!

So after pondering the idea of starting a blog….with the off-chance that it might get neglected once school starts I am making my first post tonight 🙂 Hoping that I’ll continue this blog and update you guys with the ups and downs of the life of a medical student and with my few words of encouragement to get through life.

When I signed up for this blog I could not think of an appropriate name for it….But the words ‘Take Heart’ came to mind straight away….When browsing through google for a picture I realized that the name was appropriate because in life we have to take heart knowing that God will see us through!! So I guess my inspiration came from John 16:33 – ‘Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows…But take heart, because I have overcome the world’

Life is a chaos that we endure through as we wake up and persevere through each grueling day…..But if we take the time to appreciate the small things, the simple things in life ~ we will soon see that we have so much to be thankful for and we are blessed beyond what we can imagine.

I hope that what I post here will speak to your heart…and encourage you or get you thinking….Do feel free to comment 🙂 Constructive criticism is always accepted!!

Take heart ♥